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Leave it Trump to breathe life into the most anachronistic corner of the Constitution

PUBLICERAT: 2020-06-05, kl: 18:19
"... government cannot force the temporary housing of any occupying military unit. That is: it’s less about prohibiting the government from imposing on particular homeowners than it is about prohibiting the government from using the military to occupy ..."
"... the United States. Actual language: “No Soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law.” ..."

Comment on The “Elite” Team Fail by Andy S

PUBLICERAT: 2020-06-05, kl: 15:58
"Mike, What’s this about “St Hill size” surely St Hill Manor is just an English country house not especially large in size. It only boasts 30 rooms and can only hold 300 people at a time. Is this another lie perpetrated on the US members of CoS or is this all they can muster in the present climate. I read recently there are only about 2-300 people in the UK who identify as Scientologists so I guess they could all fit into the manor comfortably. Anyway it seems that they are renting it out to all ..."

$25.5 Million for Colorado Sports Betting Revenue in May Despite COVID-19 Pandemic

PUBLICERAT: 2020-06-05, kl: 15:23
"... was pass a popular vote in November. When that bill passed by about 20,000 votes, the race was on. Sports betting was legal in Colorado and was going to be the next big thing. And it is. The month of May was not kind to sportsbook operators ..."
"Sports, Superbook, theScore Bet, Wynn, Betfred, bet365, Penn National (Barstool), ISI, Digital Gaming Corporation, and Carousel Group are all making preparations to launch. More operators are likely to get involved as time goes on as well. The metro ..."

What Does Pre-Shampoo Treatment Do For Hair?

PUBLICERAT: 2020-06-05, kl: 14:33
"If you are a proud hairdresser and a product enthusiast, you probably already know what does pre-shampoo do for hair. What you might not be as well informed about is the Cantu Kids Detangling Pre-shampoo Treatment. If you are like most people, you may use it once or twice and then wonder why your hair is still looking greasy and doesn't feel like you spent a lot of time caring for it. The reason ..."

Read Online Honda Element 2003 Radio Wiring Diagram

PUBLICERAT: 2020-06-05, kl: 13:41
"2003 Radio Wiring Diagram ebook. You will not find this ebook anywhere online. See the any books now and should you not have time and effort to learn, you are able to download any ebooks in your smartphone and check later Online Reading Honda Element ..."
", you probably already possess a great attachment and inquisitiveness about the topic in this publication This publication has the writer trademark combination of strings that amount to a whole: our company read about the horrible accident ..."

Year after taping ‘Scientology & the Aftermath,’ Victoria Locke is still waiting for justice

PUBLICERAT: 2020-06-05, kl: 13:00
"... inquiry, as well as further findings against Herron when he lost his license to practice in 1997. Here’s a citing from a newspaper article at the time about why Herron lost his license after review by a medical tribunal… It found that Herron ..."
"... the series, airing on August 26. It also featured Chrissie Carnell Bixler (one of Danny Masterson’s accusers who is suing the church ), and Serge Gil . Victoria wrote about her ordeal in a piece for the Bunker last August 13, which included this devastating ..."

Antoine Griezmann feels weird about no fans during matches

PUBLICERAT: 2020-06-05, kl: 10:14
"Barcelona forward Antoine Griezmann admits feeling weird about the La Liga restart with no fans to cheer them on. “The first game will be in Mallorca, but it will be very strange to play without an audience,” he said during a conversation on Twitch on Thursday. “It will be the first time I have experienced something like this.” “I had never been so long stopped,” he said . “Yes, it is true that during these days I was able to enjoy my children.” The French footballer has received some backlash ..."

Comment on Valley Org – Nobody Home? by PeaceMaker

PUBLICERAT: 2020-06-05, kl: 06:04
"... how many people might actually be working behind the scenes on what are typically multiple floors. It seems to me that with those sorts of orgs you’d either have to catch a muster that you were certain virtually all staff attended, or take the time ..."
"... that as of about 2012-15, had 25 to 30 individual staff on the org board, though I’m not certain how many might have been part timers; it had a regularly active membership of about 60 (overlapping with staff), but could get a total “field” of over ..."

Comment on Hubbard on Vaccinations by Dead Men Tell No Tales Bill Straass ( who else would make a comment like this).

PUBLICERAT: 2020-06-05, kl: 04:35
"... a book that talked about not putting anything in the body that was not alive and specifically not screwing with the immune system. He told me not to take the standard meds for HIV as the meds were “worse than HIV” Keppler knew LRH and, with Dr Denk worked on LRH in 1978 when LRH was in a coma. I do not know if Keppler’s views were greatly influenced by LRH. There was an effective treatment for HIV AIDS at the time. The result of his false data in the area was that I was all but dead and had dementia ..."

Free Reading Honda Dirt Bike Wiring Diagram

PUBLICERAT: 2020-06-05, kl: 01:21
"... will not find this ebook anywhere online. Look at any books now and if you do not have considerable time you just read, it is possible to download any ebooks on your device and check later Reading Free Honda Dirt Bike Wiring Diagram Everybody knows ..."
"... this manual This manual possesses the writer signature combination of threads that amount to a entire: we hear about the horrible collision at the countries main collection, we trace the early history of the collection as well as its own colorful head ..."

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